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Content guide

The New Outrigger is an online platform for emerging perspectives, research, and commentary on Oceania. As a digital storytelling platform that speaks across geographical and institutional boundaries, we are interested in content that elevates and amplifies the rich and vibrant humanity of the region, its people and cultures in all forms.

We are interested in submissions that ask critical questions, celebrate Islander culture, and offer creative insights into what it means to know Oceania today. While our scope is expansive, we want to curate stories of cultural resilience and survival, contemplations on place and the environment, identity and everyday life in the islands and in the diaspora, social change, and the role of the arts and cultural heritage.

We’d love to publish:

  • Analysis/commentary on historical or current events
  • Field/research notes and research anecdotes
  • Reflections on Pacific Studies related events or conferences
  • Biographies of interesting people
  • Reviews of books, exhibitions, performances
  • Visual essays or other original artistic works
  • Short interviews

Academically informed content is great, but you don’t need to be connected to a university to write for us. We encourage submissions that promote unique and informed content that use transdisciplinary, creative and Island(er)-centred lenses. In terms of tone: tell us the interesting stuff, back it up with your expertise, and keep it engaging and accessible.

You can email your submission as a Word document to Talei at thenewoutrigger@gmail.com.

Style Guide

In short, there are three main rules we’d like authors to follow. We publish pieces are:

  • authored by (an) individual(s), i.e. not an organisation,
  • no longer than 1000 words, and
  • with sources provided as hyperlinks

If that works with your piece, please read the guide below.

Word limit
Please try and limit submission between 250-1000 words. We know this may seem short, but our focus is on quality of discussion over quantity. If you have an idea that won’t fit in that space, we can work with you to break it up into a series.

Sources and links
Please cite sources as hyperlinks (not footnotes). Please try and include hyperlinks to Open Access resources, as we are focused on maintaining a paywall free discussion. Here’s how to create hyperlinks in a Word document.

Visual media
We love images, video, sound, and links to PDFs, so please include them in your submission – in particular, if you include an original image at least 1112 pixels wide, we can feature it on the slider on the top of our homepage. However, we try to keep in mind our friends in the islands who might be viewing our website using low-bandwidth, so we’d prefer to link to very large files on a different page rather than embed them.

If you include images or other media that you don’t own the rights to, please include a link to where you found it online so we can properly attribute sources.

Declaring affiliations
If you think you might have a relevant affiliation or conflict of interest that readers of your article should be aware of, please include these in the body of the submission or let us know to add a relevant byline. If you’re unsure whether you have a relevant affiliation to declare, just ask us when you send in your submission.

Other things:

  • Don’t forget a title!
  • Please ensure that you include a short (25-50 word) byline with your submission and let us know if you’d like us to link to your personal website, Twitter, university researcher profile, etc.
  • If you would like us to feature your work on the image slider at the top of our homepage, please include a good quality original image (your own photo) at least 1112 pixels wide. Here’s how to check your image’s pixel size – photos taken on a smartphone or digital camera will generally be sufficient.

How to submit
Please email your article to thenewoutrigger@gmail.com as a Word document (not PDF), and attach images separately.